Thanks to the long-term experience gained in the world of factory and office, TEAM can be undoubtely considered a fully qualified partner for the study and implementation of efficient computerized solutions for the automation of all your company processes. All this is obtained using the most advanced technologies and by offering to the customer, at the same time, complete control of the technical results and ensuring maximum effectiveness of the final product.

In this context, TEAM can act both on the basis of technical specifications defined by the customer than as a result of a preliminary analysis performed by TEAM's equipe.

For all these activities, TEAM employs its own team of specialists, consisting of consultants, systems engineers, analysts, senior and junior developers: all of them can operate on different classes of computer systems (from PC to mainframe) and they owns special knowledge about mobile devices and specific factory devices (CNC and PLC).

In particular, our team operates normally using the most popular programming environments (Visual Studio, Eclipse) and languages (VB, VB.NET, C, C ++, C#), using the latest web design tools (Silverlight, AJAX, HTML5) and by applying techniques and concepts of Agile Software Development and eXtreme Programming.

TEAM also operates as a system integrator, incorporating in its own "connective tissue" made on the basis of the specific needs of the customer, marlket products and standard modules, considered suitable for the realization of an efficient and functional information system.